Sunday, July 20, 2008

Corn and Bean Salsa *Lauren Perry*

This one is for you Erin :)

4 Large tomatoes- chop
3 cloves of garlic- chop
garlic salt (a few good shakes)
juice from 1 lime
a bunch of green onions- chop
1 can of black beans (rinse and drain)
1 can of corn (rinse and drain)
dash of pepper
1 green serrano chili (get rid of seeds and chop small- VERY SPICY)
chop a bunch of cilantro

mix everything together in a bowl, cover and refrigerate

extra- you don't have to add these, but I have also added chopped avocado and it is super yummy. You could also rinse and drain garbanzo beans if you want to add, but it is just as yummy without them.