Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yummy cookie and MIA *Lauren Perry*

Sorry I have been missing in action! I had a baby on December 11th and I have been too busy for words!

My mom just came up to visit and spend time with my boys. She brought this cookie recipe that she has been dying to try out. It is probably the easiest cookie recipe on earth (next to good old slice and bake cookies) and it is truly divine!

1 box of Devils Food Cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 bag of Andes Mints

oven set at 350'
Combine cake mix, eggs and oil in a mixer
roll into cookie dough balls, about a TBS/ball
bake for 10 minutes
remove from oven and drop baking sheet on counter to 'flatten' the cookie
remove 1 Andes Mint and place 1 mint/cookie and smooth out as it melts with a spoon
let the melted mint cool off for about 10 minutes and then eat the whole batch! This makes about 28-36 cookies.
ps- here is a cute pic of my boys!

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Sara said...

I love these box cake recipes! You can use any cake flavor with any candy or other yummy add in. My father in law loves cherry cake so I make cherry cake mix and chop up marachino cherries and put it in there, drizzle a little frosting on top- viola! Congrats Lauren- now get your butt back in the kitchen ;)